TikTok UI/UX Localization

Africanizing TikTok

TikTok work with regional experts and local communities to help ensure that its global approach recognizes local cultural norms. It adopts regional applications of its guidelines to ensure it doesn not impose one region’s values on another, while also embracing a baseline of internationally recognized human rights.

The project included:

Main features of TikTok remain consistent with its brand principles. Before localizing any feature we had to understand how it works and its purpose.

We translate the visual elements impact wise, and features inconsistent with local norms had to be redesigned with new ones that doesn’t violate cultural settings.

Inline with the the company’s brand identity, the newly identified designs are crafted into prototypes and submitted to the highest level developer for integration.

Once features are integrated, a continuous feedback data is collected from the content moderation team. Necessary improvements are taken and the cycle of work continues.

Sample designs, as original designs remain protected by company rules.